At OLA, everything we design and engineer has been well thought out and tested before we release any product into the marketplace. We made certain that every contour and every material that went into our sandals was not only well thought out & tested, but that we would ONLY use the best materials available.

Throughout our design process of this La Playa sandal, we made sure that we covered all the invaluable attributes to crafting the best sandal possible.


 When we set out to craft the arch for the La Playa sandal, we used our years of research on the importance of proper arch support & heel height to help reduce common problems like inflamed Achilles tendon, sore heels and sore arches.  We spent months on prototyping and testing before we found the proper arch, mixed with a heel height that could help benefit as many people as possible. 

Unlike other sandal arches, we designed our arch support to contour more of your foot than just a small inside area of your arch.  As soon you slide your foot inside our sandals, you will notice the difference in each step you take. Over time and through normal wear, our PolyEcoPro™ footbed helps mold to your arch and heel, giving you the perfect fit.


      Anatomical Straps = Our straps designed to fit the foot properly

    Flush Heel = We recessed our straps to prevent heel irritation and cutting.

    Thin "Post" = Our "post" has been thinned to help prevent toe irritation and cutting.

    High Performance TPU = Velvet smooth finish and comfort unlike anything on the market

 One of the biggest complaints with "plastic" strap sandals is that they are so uncomfortable.  Trust us, we felt the same way.  So when we started designing our sandals we looked at every attribute that was so uncomfortable in a "plastic" strap sandal. 

The first thing you will notice when you try on a pair of La Playa sandals is that  our straps do not have a “plastic” feeling to them!  We spared no expense when we decided to use a specially formulated footwear grade TPU (Thermo Plastic Urethane) material for our straps.  The material might be overkill for the La Playa sandal, but putting quality back into the marketplace was something we felt we needed to do.

 The attention to detail that we put into our TPU strap is something that is undeniable.  From recessing the sandal strap base to prevent the strap from cutting into your heel, to varying the strap width  to secure the foot and not restrict it, to the most notable feature , our thin sandal post. 

If you are someone that hates the sandal "post" between your toes, the La Playa sandal will make you a believer that you can wear a classic sandal/slippah.


 After years of research and testing, we developed what we feel is one of the best sandal materials in the marketplace - PolyEcoPro™

    Feather like lightness = Less Foot Fatigue

    Superior flexibility = Natural barefoot feel

    Superior shock absorption = Less impact on feet and body

    Recyclable = Creating new sandals from your used returned sandals

 As countless heavy "sandwich" (layered foam) style sandals dominate the marketplace, we opted to engineer a polymer that would not only take the weight out of your step, but also reduce pressure on your body when recovering after a hard day at work or an intense physical workout.

 One of our greatest achievements to come out of our research was the development of  our PolyEcoPro™ material, which allows our sandals to be very light in weight..  The less weight you have on the foot, the less likely your feet and body will feel fatigued. Another great attribute of PolyEcoPro™  is the superior shock absorption that it provides.

 We designed our sole to have your foot sit low in the sandal, which not only keeps the foot stable but also gives the foot a “barefoot” feel.  There's nothing like going barefoot, but when standing on hard and cold surfaces, it starts to take a toll on your body and knees.  During our test trials, many if not all of our test pilots really enjoyed using their sandal inside the home as much as outside the home. Try a pair for yourself & see the difference, every step of the way.

 At OLA, everything we design has been well thought out and tested before we release any product into the marketplace. Our Sandals or as many people like to refer to them as Flip Flops, were designed with three key features in mind:

 1) Optimized arch design = Helps reduce common problems such as Achille tendon, sore heels & sore arches.

 2) High performance TPU strap = Velvet soft finish & a thin post to prevent toe irritation.

 3) PolyEcoPro™ = Specially formulated super light- weight sole offering superior shock absorption, flexibility & wet/dry traction.

 The result is a sandal that helps keep your foot stable, while providing a “barefoot" feel.  Our sandals not only takes the weight out of your step, but it also helps reduce pressure on your body when recovering from daily life or an intense physical workout.