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  ★ Proudly Made in USA ★

At OLA, everything we design has been well thought out and tested before we release any product into the marketplace. Our Sandals or as many people like to refer to them as Flip Flops, were designed with three key features in mind:

1) Optimized arch design = Helps reduce common problems such as Achille tendon, sore heels & sore arches.

2) High performance TPU strap = Velvet soft finish & a thin post to prevent toe irritation.

3) PolyEcoPro™ = Specially formulated super light weight sole offering superior shock absorption, flexibility & wet/dry traction.

The result is a sandal that helps keep your foot stable, while providing a “barefoot" feel.  Our sandals not only takes the weight out of your step, but it also helps reduce pressure on your body when recovering from daily life or an intense physical workout.  

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